The story starts...

Michael heard about me from his brother Tyler. I heard about Michael from Maddie. Maddie convinced him to ask me out. We liked each other a little...

...and now we owe the world to both of them.

Sunday Waffles:
The first time we met we decided to make waffles at Michael's place. I think I took it as a sign when the first time we met, we matched.

First Date. Longest Date:
I guess he kinda liked me cause he didn't wait a full day after our waffle night before he asked me out to the Sundance Film Festival. I said yes. I may be blonde, but I'm thinking that was a smart move.

When we got to Sundance, the only movie left was at midnight, so we made our rounds on Main Street, met some underground rap group, ate at delicious Zona Rosa, finally watched Skateland, and managed to get home by 4 a.m. after driving through a snowstorm.

The next day I decided to go with him to church instead of my 8 a.m. meeting, spent the day with him and then... well, you know how the story ends.

** Pictures are featuring our walk along Main Street, Park City. We did a little reenacting on our trip back this summer.**

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